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Speedstar 2 Speedo F/R 17 Turn

29,99 €
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8,00 € / mes en 6 cuotas
Variador electronico para moteres de escobillas
Limite 17T con marcha atrás, conector tipo Tamiya.
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The SPEEDSTAR 2 is a moderately priced electronic speed controller for entry-level racers. With motorlimits 17 turns, ABS brakes and reverse control, the SPEEDSTAR 2 also for intermediate or advanced drivers. Pre-installed for plug in and drive. Racing 17T

Features • Proportional speedo with forward, ABS brake and reverse. • Automatic setup from the radio. • External power switch for easy on/off-switching. • High switching frequency for better control and more runtime. • Handles motors down to 17 turns. • ABS-brake system for better handling. • Plug and Play - comes with motor, battery and radio connectors. • Overtemperature

Technical Data

Propulsion Technique: Brushed
Scale: 1/10
Cells: max. 7 NiMH
Voltage: max. 8,4V
Load Capacity: max. 17Turn
Dimension: 35mm x 27mm x 17mm (L x W x H)
Weight: 48g
Content: 1 pcs.
Suitable for:: NiMH
BEC Voltage: 5,0V / 1A

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